are designed by me with love ♡ and passion.

I choose very carefully and use the best quality of organic, wild crafted, cold pressed and CO2 extracted ingredients, sustainably sourced all over the world, to nurture you and give you the perfectly balanced, glowing and healthy skin.

The products are Safety Assesed after European regulation for cosmetic products. They are produced in very small batches in order to ensure optimal freshness and vitality, when they reach you and to strive for minimum waste.



are pure natural and artisan products, based on synergetic and effective botanical formulas.

They are energised with the vibes of roses, gems, crystals, silver and gold, that enrich the beautiful blends with this extra dimension, which is subtle and invisible for the eye, but resonates with the mind and soul.

This increases the overall vibration of the products and make them vital and more active. 

You will see and feel the difference!

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